Chinita Linda

Logo design for a Latinx and body positivity inspired T-shirt line called Chinita Linda. I collaborated with China to create a brand image that gives representation to people who identify with Latinidad, queerness, body positivity and overall acceptance of one’s self. China’s T-shirt line is meant to give a voice, pride and representation to these individuals. You can learn more about Chinita Linda here.

“It has taken me a long time to feel comfortable or allow myself to exist as China in this world. I grew up on the border where my movement, my queerness, and my body were always regulated. This line was created with the intent of sharing the pieces of myself that helped me make sense of chinita…the streets of chula vista, my queerness, my cultura, my gordura. In this time, where it looks and feels like this world is falling apart and we wake up in chaos, I find myself trying to harness all this energy to create, to come home.

No place feels more like home than my name. I hope you find home too.”    — China

You can support China’s store here.


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