Design Against Crime SXSW

I, along with designer Brandy Shigemoto, created a deck for SXSW presentation: Design in the Criminal Justice System, by Kelsey McKay and Ryan Menefee. Brandy took the role of designer and I took the role of illustrator. Together, we designed a deck that fit the tone of the serious issue of domestic abuse. Below, I have taken slides from the deck that highlight my illustrations and how they fit into the overall aesthetic of the presentation.

“Prosecutor Kelsey McKay realized that strangulation was not being taken seriously enough by first responders or victims; resulting trauma can cause death days or weeks later. To help convict strangulation perpetrators at trial, McKay created a field investigation tool that resulted in a 36% increase in filed offenses in just one year. This talk will explore how law enforcement agencies can replicate this success, and how designers can apply design research at government-sized scale.”

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