Texas Appleseed

I was one of twenty designers from across Texas that were selected to create a limited-edition silkscreened poster that was showcased at the I heART Justice exhibition hosted by AIGA and Texas Appleseed. Each designer that participated created a poster that reflected a current social issue in Texas. The posters were sold at the show and the proceeds were donated to Texas Appleseed, a nonprofit, nonpartisan public interest justice center dedicated to promoting social and economic justice for all Texans. This exhibition hosted a night where we celebrated our differences and showed solidarity through art!

Visit: I HeArt Justice

Article: I heART Justice Poster Show

The Monarch Butterfly became a symbol of immigration due to its ability to move freely across North American borders. Like many immigrants, they move to survive. However, in our current political climate, immigrants, both documented and undocumented, feel threatened by deportations and are often stereotyped as criminals. This piece serves as a reminder that we are a nation of immigrants—we can only continue to thrive if we welcome, educate, and provide opportunities for those in need so that one day, they are empowered to move our country forward.



One thought on “Texas Appleseed

  1. Hola Edith,
    My name is Mari Lester, from the Migrant Program at Region 13. You are amazingly talented!! It has been my honor and privilege to know you and your family over the years. I can not begin to tell you how “orgullosa” and “feliz” I feel as I browse through your beautiful creations. Mucha suerte y un fuerte abrazo, Mari


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