Jolt Texas

Migration is Sweet Campaign

“Migration is Sweet” is an interactive installation created by locally-based Jolt, a LatinX civic engagement organization. The piece was created in response to the ongoing state of limbo of DREAMERs, whose future in the U.S. remains uncertain. The “Migration is Sweet” installation is a 7’ X 7’ monarch butterfly whose wings are adorned with “pan dulce” (Mexican sweet bread). The Monarch butterfly is a powerful symbol of migration and the pan dulce highlights the cultural influence of Latinos and calls attention to the contradictions of those who claim to love so many aspects of Latino culture (such as food), but don’t want the people who make these ubiquitous cultural contributions possible.

My role in this campaign was to create the social media assets to spread the word about the event. I made instagram posts, instagram story images, and facebook event banners to promote the event. We also wanted to inform people about important voting dates so instead of giving out flyers, we gave out Pan Dulce in bags I designed and printed on the Riso. The bags also contained facts about Latino’s voting potential in Texas.

Volunteer showing off her bag and tasty snack. 

Event highlights

Photos courtesy of Sandra Perez Del Carpio

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